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Real Estate Swimming Pool Inspection

Purchasing a new home with a swimming pool? Call us before closing the deal! 

Pool Leaks Plus specializes in swimming pool inspections. We work closely with Real Estate Agents and/or directly with the potential home buyers who are interested in having the swimming pool on the property inspected. Pool Leaks Plus has helped new home buyers make informed decisions BEFORE making one of the biggest investments of their life.

Serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Greater South Florida areas. 

All home buyers go through a thorough home inspection before purchasing a property to ensure that they don’t walk into any unforeseen damages or needed repairs that could increase their expenses.

Many times the swimming pools are either overlooked or not given precedent and after the home owner has moved in, they discover that there are underground pool leaks in the plumbing, something that the home inspector is not specialized in detecting.

My best advice to you? Be proactive and get a proper inspection on your swimming pool before making your real estate investment.

It may sound like a minor detail, but this minor detail could end up costing the buyer thousands of dollars in repairs. It is definitely something that the new potential home owner would want to be aware of, BEFORE sitting down at the closing table.

Making a Real Estate Investment with a Swimming Pool attached?

Here is Pool Leaks Plus
List of Things to Consider:


  Routine maintenance costs such as:


   *heating and filtering



 Long-term maintenance costs such as:

   *unforeseen repairs such as broken
     pipes causing leaks


   *replacement of faulty or outdated

   *energy efficient and cost effective
     alternatives available

   *LED lighting



   *anti-entrapment devices

   *up-to-code 12V lighting


  Structural changes

   *Love the house, but hate the pool?
     Options to think about.

Call us for a Real Estate Swimming Pool Inspection and we can consult you on working through this list!


To set an appointment for your Real Estate Swimming Pool Inspection:

Call us at 786-439-9345!

Pool repair in Miami, Florida Pool Leaks Plus

Swimming Pool Leak Repair Miami

Swimming pool leak detection and swimming pool repair service.

 Serving Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the Greater South Florida area.

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